Techno/Olympiad Programme

The Olympiad Program at Shrevaroys School is for students from Class 6 to Class 10. Here, in this program, students get research oriented Audio-Visual teaching with a special focus on Mathematics and science Olympiads. Our staff regularly organize edutainment through weekly activities and projects which is an act that both educates and entertains. Shevaroys School is also the right mentor for cracking the IIT-JEE exam. Our strategies and guidance will help you crack the competitive exams with ease and get you selected with a good rank. Our professors make a decent effort in guiding students for these exams that even an average student can qualify with honest efforts. Shrevaroys Valley Boarding School assures each student a bright future.

  • Integrated syllabus with research –oriented Audio-Visual teaching
  • 1+1 system of Academics to ensure that every teaching period is followed by working period for core subjects
  • Common schedules,teaching,examination&Analysis
  • Critical approach to problem-solving skills
  • Special focus on Mathematics and science Olympiads
  • Edutainment through weekly activities and projects
  • CDF programme to strengthen the concepts, Definitions & Formulae
  • Exclusive English clubs for extempore building, LEAP Programme, and linguistic lab to enrich communication skills
  • Practical’s integrated with daily schedule of teaching for Maths, Physics, chemistry and Biology
  • State-of-the-art audio—visual AC classrooms equipped with 2D&3D e-Learning modules
  • Well loaded exclusive Libraries with wide range of books and journals
  • Research oriented medical material to help the students to succeed in medical entrance exams