Our Vision

To create a school system that is truly complete in itself

1.Providing wholesome education&Preparing students for lifelong excellence

2.Focusing on essential life skills & ethics enabling students to lead better life

3.Nurturing and developing thinkers and opinion maker

4.Giving a platform to students for global careers,Yetgrounding them in solid Indian value systems and making education a completely enjoyable process by eliminating stress out of the child’s life

Our Mission

1.Prepare Honest, Truthful and conscious citizens of this world who can attain leadership positions and also be conscious of their responsibility towards the society and the world

2.Prepare students comprehensively to compete in all scholastic /competitive exams relevant to that class

3.To create success for students in various competitive&scholastic exams in India e.g.NTSE/National Science Olympiads/IIT-JEE/KVPY etc.and finally enable students to secure admission in prestigious colleges/Universities of United State of America