Edu-Champs is the primary world of fun which is for students from Class 1 to Class 5. Our Primary Program sharpens problem-solving skills and enhances analytical abilities of the students though moxie sheets and activities. Our staff uses E-Learning modules to give interactive demonstrations to students. As our curriculum is on par with international standards, we assure you that students who study at Shrevaroys Valley Boarding School will blossom and come out with flying colors of achievement. Finally, we guarantee Shrevaroys will be a platform to the young buddies to succeed in their future endeavors.

  • A platform to the young buddies to blossom tomorrow with flying colors of achievement in all the chosen areas of excellence with respect to the global community
  • Curriculum on par with international standards
  • Student-friendly activity-oriented approach
  • Enliven the learning process through Math Lab Activities
  • Hones Problems=solving and analytical abilities though moxie sheets and activities
  • Abacus to develop mental arithmetic capabilities of the child
  • Projects to inculcate scientific temper and competitive spirit
  • Interactive video conference sessions for extempore building
  • E-Learning modules for interactive demonstrations