Our’s is a through out year contineous evaluation programme like theoritical and practical oriented curriculum to present the student to CBSE examination at XII standard.

Library :


The Library is the activity center for learning a Shevaroys. The Library supports all classes and curriculums at Shevaroys in creating students that are self-motivated, self-directed problem-solvers


Teaching and learning are based on a process of continual interaction in which the library, teacher, and student are partners.

As the resource collection is organized for use by students and staff, it is cataloged and arranged in a logical manner.
10,000 books in the Primary & Secondary Library

Faculty :

The efficiency, committment, dedication and concept oriented novel teaching methods of our experienced Faculty leads our students in the path of success and glory. They are experts in teaching innovation and cultural inputs.

Remedies :

A special Remedial focus on students, who are not good at their academic progress, by the supervision of our teachers and motivation of the counsellors that helps the students to enhance their concentration and confidence.