The world of many opportunities starts at Shrevaroys.Young talent is nourished and nurtured right from the early stage.The foundation for a successful career is carefully laid from class1.Giving students all the right ingredients for a bright career through the Olympiad program.Students are trained to excel in NTSE, RMO, JSO, KVPY and many other competitive exams.We at our school provide a secure, warm and friendly environment for the child’s learning&introduce the young child to formal learning by building a foundation of knowledge and skills with a nurturing environment that promotes self-confidence, encourages a love of learning and celebrates the uniqueness of each child.

Our school was Started to fulfill the need for quality education at the pre-primary level.Right from the start, our goal was to provide the best quality of Education.As a matter of fact, innovation in teaching has been the primary focus of our school’s strategy.One of the techniques we have adopted is to ensure that the child learns by exploring with all the senses.Such all-round development learning strategies ensure that our children learn faster and better.

Such are learning methodologies innovated by our dedicated faculty and experts in early childhood care and education.