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At Shrevaroys Valley Boarding School, we offer Technology based learning for the Pre-Primary

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Edu-Champs is the primary world of fun which is for students from Class 1 to Class 5

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Techno/Olympiad Programme

The Olympiad Program at Shrevaroys School is for students from Class 6 to Class 10

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Welcome to Shevaroys Valley Boarding School

Shevaroys Valley Boarding School opens the wide vistas of knowledge and self-learning to young minds, helping build a better generation, a better future. The facilities provided and the interactive learning atmosphere will enable students to ask questions and find the answers themselves. The environment in and around the school is of constant learning and intellectual development. The faculty makes sure that they are able to quench the thirst for knowledge of the students and constantly updates themselves with the latest in their field of expertise, thus providing for a wholesome learning experience.

Our Features

Shevaroys Valley Boarding School has designed the best things for your children. Here are few amazing features that we provide our students for quality education.



With simple play activities, we nurture your child’s growth and also lay the foundation for his/her future development.



We have designed distinctive ways for making students learn and perceive knowledge. With our unique teaching methodologies, your child transforms into a better individual.



Environment at Shevaroys Valley Boarding School is very serene. Our learning environment facilitates each child to realize their unique learning style.



We have carefully designed our teaching mechanism. Our teachers empower students to learn better and guide them in every way to their success.



Timings aren’t a concern for students in our school. We have cautiously designed each period with specific timings and breaks in between which helps them to relax and refresh.


Day Care

Day care at Shevaroys is fabulous. Our school is located in the most peaceful, secure and pollution free environments in the city.



Entertainment holds the best share in our school. Students equally need entertainment activities besides education, hence we organize events regularly and make them joyful.



Students who availed the hostel facility are served with the most delicious food which includes flavored milk, sweets and different kinds of dishes.

Our Philosophy


Our Curriculum

We always aim to provide children a solid academic foundation by implementing international curriculum and making students play and educate at the same time. We commit to preparing children to lead a better way of life and hence we go beyond school teaching and examine their innate potential. Our teachers have solid background in motivating the students and bringing out the best in them. At Shevaroys, we strive everyday towards innovation, self-learning, passion and excellence.

Shevaroys Valley Boarding School makes your children feel like home. Our teachers keep your children in a safe and peaceful atmosphere where they feel loved and enjoy the soothing ambience. We regularly conduct play activities that are relative to the way of learning so as to lay a strong foundation for their future development. We knew that every student is gifted and has his own way of learning and doing things. For that, we create opportunities that boost and maximize their potential.

Finally, our curriculum is in such a way that, it implants freedom and interest in education. We assure parents that children who study at Shevaroys School are deemed to achieve greater heights and show merit and commitment in their studies.

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